Data and Community Health

Data and Community Health

Understanding neighborhood conditions is essential to keeping people healthy and cutting medical costs.

When it comes to our health, perhaps the greatest predictor of how long we’ll live and how much it will cost to keep us healthy is the place on the map where we live – the home, the neighborhood, the zip code.

To understand the non-medical factors — the social determinants of health — you need data. Data comes from a host of sources: national datasets (such as the Census and the CDC), national and local analyses, and de-identified patient data.

How can state agencies and health providers use data on maps to improve community health outcomes and reduce costs?

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Do our zip codes need to determine our health?
Perhaps the greatest predictor of our health is where we live. Learn five ways to use data on maps to improve health outcomes and decrease costs.


Treating the Whole Community: Addressing Social Drivers of Health
Health care providers and government agencies can benefit from knowing more about the communities they serve. They can address issues unique to low-income patients and other groups with specific needs, improving outcomes and lowering medical costs. Using a data-driven approach to public health, they can successfully implement targeted health interventions, while lowering costs. For this Mapchats webinar, we heard from two practitioners and researchers who talked about ways that they’re using community level data to improve public health: Sarah Dixon from the Iowa Primary Care Association and Amy Carroll-Scott from Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health.
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Case Study Videos
Watch short case studies on how to use data and maps to solve health problems in your community.
Data for Improving Community Health
PolicyMap contains a wide variety of community level health data, to help you improve health outcomes and cut medical costs. Click on an indicator to see it in PolicyMap.
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Data and Community Health
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